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The Travelling Gates
The manufacturing and use of wrought iron declined from the late 19th century onward and the last working wrought iron mill was closed in the 1970's. Its machinery was relocated to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and it remains the only place in the world where wrought iron is produced for demonstration.
Whilst we cannot put an exact date of manufacture to our traveling gates, story has it that the voyage of our gates started in Britain where it was purchased by a Military Officer stationed in India. Our traveling gates followed the Officer to Africa where, in 2013, it eventually landed in the hands a family friend of ours, Christiaan Brits in Tzaneen, South Africa. This might well be a century later.

Christiaan sold the gates to Desmond Howard the previous owner and architect of Droombos. This is how our precious gates started its final journey of almost 2000 kilometers to report for duty at Droombos.